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Andean Explorer Train

Travel on the most luxurious train through the most spectacular landscapes of the Peruvian Andes with the iconic Belmond Andean Explorer Train. An opportunity to get to know Cusco, Arquipa and the beautiful Lake Titicaca enjoying all the comforts.


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The Belmond Andean Explorer Train, being one of the first luxury trains in South America, offers a one or two night travel version. Cusco, Lake Titicaca, La Raya and Arequipa are the destinations of this wonderful luxury train trip through Peru, in which we will cross the high plains of the Andes, admiring its fascinating landscapes and enjoying the tranquility of the waters of Lake Titicaca.


The luxurious cabins of the Belmond Andean Explorer have been carefully created with a combination of a characteristic Peruvian style and a relaxing atmosphere with maximum comfort in contrast to its beautiful landscapes. Hand-woven fabrics and soft textures for a pleasant rest. The bathroom and its private shower allow a luxurious bath, even at 2,000 meters of altitude.

Andean Explorer Train Salons

Excursions and tours

Get to know some unique places in this country, exploring the floating islands of the Uros, entering the colorful market of La Raya or venturing through the caves of Sumbay. A trip full of experiences while we arrive at our destinations, Cusco or Arequipa.

Andean Explorer Train Rooms


Settle into any of the beautiful, bright and elegant dining cars to enjoy meticulously prepared exquisite cuisine. Renowned chefs will prepare a wide range of Peruvian flavors to delight us at our breakfasts, lunches and pleasant evening banquets.

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What our customers say

We show you the Andean Explorer train reviews from real guests who have booked with us

“An extraordinary trip”

“The attention of the staff is exquisite, taking care of every detail to make us a stay of ten.

Ignacio S.

“An absolute luxury”

“All rooms are spacious, clean and with great detail. Each cabin has a private bathroom. One of our best train experiences.”

Josefina Clara

“Dream landscapes”

“The train makes an exceptional journey through regions of Peru. Every day was a real show.


“We were surprised by the gastronomy”

“We loved the whole tour. It was a spectacular anniversary gift. To repeat!”