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Andean Explorer Train Route

Route 1

Cusco – Puno – Arequipa

Route 2

Arequipa – Puno – Cusco

Route 3

Puno – Cusco

Route 4

Cusco – Puno

Route 1: Cusco – Puno – Arequipa

San Sebastián

1st Day: Cusco - Lago Titicaca

Our journey begins in Cusco, the ancient capital of the Inca empire. We will receive you on the first day at 10:00 a.m. at the Wanchaq station aboard the luxurious Andean Explorer Train. Moment in which you can make yourself comfortable and relax in your splendid cabin while we start the march through the southeast of Puno.

At approximately 1:00 p.m. you will enjoy your first lunch on board, in one of the elegant dining cars decorated with the smallest detail and perfect for enjoying a select cuisine. Refined specialties will be served with a contemporary touch. See the sensational La Raya mountain range at one of our stops, before preparing for an elegant dinner on board.

Later, you can go to the bar car and chat with your fellow passengers as the train continues its journey to Lake Titicaca, where it will remain overnight.


2nd Day: Puno - Sarocha

Waking up early we will have the opportunity to be dazzled by the impressive sunrise on Lake Titicaca and then enjoy a delicious breakfast on board preparing to start one of the most charming excursions in the place.

Today’s tour will explore the eclectic beauty and rich biodiversity of Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America that is also home to several islands. We will take a traditional boat ride through the Uros Islands, extraordinary artificial islands created from carefully woven reeds that are constantly renewed. After the excursion, we will return to the train to have lunch in the Puno Muelle hangar, discovering the native flavors and colors.

As we head towards the Saracocha lagoon, you will enjoy some cocktails and canapés on board. We will arrive at Saracocha where we will spend the night and enjoy a wonderful dinner.


3rd Day: Cuevas del Sumbay - Arequipa

On our third day of the trip, you will watch the sunrise surrounded by the impressive landscape of Lake Lagunillas and then enjoy a delicious breakfast that will be waiting for you in one of the dining cars. Later we will visit the Sumbay caves, home to fascinating cave paintings that are estimated to be more than 8000 years old.

We will return for lunch while the train continues its journey to Arequipa. On our arrival at 15:30, we say goodbye before your disembarkation, either for a panoramic tour of the city or for your transfer to the airport. If you wish, you can finish your journey at 11:30 am at the brief stop made by the train at km 93, to continue the journey on your own and thus explore the Colca Canyon.

In this vast area of ​​breathtaking beauty and one of the deepest canyons in the world, you will see countless examples of Inca and pre-Inca architecture along with alpacas, eagles, and the imposing Andean Condor.

Route 2: Arequipa – Puno -Cusco

San Sebastián

1st Day: Arequipa

We will receive you on the first day at 7:00 p.m. at the Arequipa station where you will have time to settle into your cabin and acclimatize to the placid atmosphere to begin our journey to Puno.

Once the train has started, it will be the perfect time to take a seat in any of the elegant dining cars in which to enjoy our first dinner on board. With an exquisite service you can relax and taste the variety of Andean dishes served with contemporary touches.

Once your dinner is over, you can head to the bar car to enjoy a cocktail while chatting, relaxing or getting to know your fellow travelers. During this night, the train continues its journey to Puno.


2nd Day: Puno - La Raya

We will start the morning with a full breakfast while we arrive at the well-known Lake Titicaca, without a doubt one of the most representative excursions of this trip. We will explore Lake Titicaca, being the highest navigable lake in the world.

We will board the traditional boats that will take us sailing through its waters to Uros, a characteristic artificial island built from intertwined reeds that are constantly renewed. We will also see how the population of the island uses those same reeds for the construction of houses, boats and tools.

Once finished, we will be back at the Puno station hangar, where the train will wait for us with a delicious lunch full of color and native flavors. During the journey to our next stop, La Raya, you can enjoy delicious cocktails and canapés on board in our Piano bar, a unique environment for the delight of rest. Before arriving at La Raya, we will have a pleasant dinner in the dining car.


3rd Day: Cusco

We will wake up with a beautiful sunrise with spectacular views in La Raya while we enjoy a delicious breakfast on board. At 08:30 we will start the journey to our destination, Cusco, where we will admire the beautiful Andean landscapes.

Before our arrival at our destination, we will enjoy a brunch in the bar car. Our tour will end at the Wanchaq station where we will disembark in Cusco.